Off The Record – ALBUM FOCUS – Fortunes Favour, Ed Cosens

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first!  Today we look at the debut solo album by Ed Cosens who was the guitarist/co-lead songwriter in Reverend & The Makers. His first solo record is called Fortunes Favour.


This song has a really fun introduction that is a melody of twisted guitars and drum beats that intertwine. This song has a really soothing sound to it that makes it a really lovely track to listen to. The tones of the Indie stylings are remixed into this sort of rustic sound that highlights the lyrics that the music sort of emphasises the emotion in. It is a track with a catchy chorus and really good interludes throughout.

Last To Know

This song brings you straight into the narrative from the beginning and it automatically memorizes you, it is a song that is full of emotion and is full of sadness. The string instruments on this track really elevate this melody and creates this beautiful way of telling the narrative that highlight the lyrics. It is a slower song on the album but it is wonderfully placed to sit in a great place and whilst it may be short and sweet it brings this great transition between the two tracks that it is sandwiched between.

On The Run

This song opens with these eerie strings that bring you into a song that has a quite a dark musical tone to it which really reflects the title of the track. It is a song that takes you on a journey both musically and metaphorically and paints this picture in your head of the narrative that is being discussed in the lyrics. This is a great little indie track and has some great compositions of it that are nostalgic of the nineties.

Come on in

This is the last track on this album and it is the perfect choice for the finale, as it may be slower then a lot of the tracks but the lyrics sort of symbolise that this is a new start for Ed Cosens and sort of leaves you wanting more from the musician. It is a song full of emotion and these wonderful musical melodies that make you want to listen over and over again. The ending of the track is full of these long drawn out electric sounding piano melodies that slowly fade into the distance and bring the whole album to a brilliant finish.

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