Welcome to Improtoons Month

Welcome to another month at The Phoenix Remix and this April we have something very special to make your springtime that little bit special! We are going behind the scenes of Improtoons – an improvised comedy cartoon sketch show.

This month we talk to the Director Jonah Fazel and the cast Monica Gaga, John Oakes, Lucy Trodd and Amy Cooke-Hodgson to find out what really goes into making animated improv. We discuss everything from the production side to how the team got into improv in the first place!

It is always interesting to talk to acts who present improv in a different and unique way and there is a lot of that this month! Every Wednesday there at 9am, tune into the website to read all about this great set of improvisers as well as seeing some of their animations along the way.

To start off the month here is one of their animations below.

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