Gigstory – The Jeff Goldblum Experience

Welcome to a brand new feature that will be published every other week. I go to a lot of gigs and there are always little stories that come out of them that I always want to tell someone so what better place to do it!

Todays Gig: The Jeff Goldblum Experience

I do alot of night shifts and when the world was pre-pandemic I used to go to a lot of random gigs before going onto a shift. One of the ones that I booked last minute and out of the blue was went I went to see Jeff Goldblum. When I booked it, I did it in the morning after a shift and then went to sleep and went straight to the show so I didn’t really do any research into the show I was going to. I have to say it is the most random gig I have ever been to.

Ten minutes before the gig even started Jeff approached the stage to talk to the audience – this was a sign of all things to come. Right from the start you understand that Jeff likes telling stories and also talking to the fans. The band came on stage and the gig started.

It was a great concert in regards to the music, a very talented band and some great toe tapping songs. Throughout the show Jeff spoke to the audience and even managed to wiggle in the Jurassic Park theme tune at one point.

When the interval came, Jeff didn’t go away and have a break instead he decided to talk to the audience, this was when the chat became really silly as he spoke about his experiences with towels. At this point in the show he also allowed audience members to go up to him and get autographs and even play with his hair.

This is no doubt about it but Jeff is a people person and it was really interesting to see this show just to experience his ways.

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