Off The Record – ALBUM FOCUS – Ruthless Window, James Walsh

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first!  Today we look at the album that debut album by James Walsh – Ruthless Window

White Heat

This is the opening track of the album and it has a mysterious feel to it that reflects indie music of the nineties. If you like bands such as Zero 7 then you will like this track. The melodies and the echoey feel of the vocals paint this picture of the world that you are entering with this album.


The Ukulele takes the lead in this song and creates this uplifting feel to the track that has a lot of lyrics that express a variety of emotions. The highlight of this track is the jingle style of musical interlude in middle of the track it is very unique and is nice to hear on a track like this as it takes the musical to another level.

Rubble By The Stream

If you are a fan of acts such as Scouting for Girls then you will like this track as it has the same uplifting pop feel to it. The piano creates this uplifting beat that echoes the sense of echoes that you get throughout this album whilst also bringing this sense of freshness that makes you wish for summer days. The song feels quite complex on its construction as it takes you on  journey that starts in pop abs develops to sound more indie.

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