Improv Corner – Favourite Short Form Games

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I haven’t performed in a while due to the pandemic as haven’t really been in the mood. I was watching an old Would I Lie To You the other day and it got me thinking – what are my favourite short form games? I am not talking about games in groups I have remixed but the good traditional ones. Here is three of the ones I like.

Sound Effects

It is one that I have played a couple of times and one that i have only seen live maybe once, it is a game that I adore. When it is done well it can be so clever and really hilarious. I love watching Colin and Ryan play this game because it is such fun. I hope I get to play it again in the future. I think it can be really fun to see what sound effects the audience can make as well when you play it that way as well.

New Choice

This is such a fun game, I remember it from one of the first shows I went to in Newcastle in 2015. It is a game that I have always loved and it is also a game that is fun to play as well. When everyone commits you can make some really fun scenes.

Object Game

In the very early years of my old troupe Punderstandably we used to play this game at shows however we stopped doing it because you soon realise how much random stuff you have to keep in a bag somewhere ready to use for the next show. The times we did play it the game was really good fun. It is a game that I love watching on TV and wish more people played it on stage.

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