In the Games Corner – MEMORY CARD EDITION – The Farmville Addiction Phase…

Welcome to a new sister article to In The Games Corner that is about computer games but with a different spin. I have been playing computer games from a very young age and I find that some games when I think of them are attached to very strong memories. So, I thought it would be fun to share memories that I have attached to some of these games as there are a few. I wanted to call this feature Memory Card because a lot of my memories that i have strongly are around the Playstation 1 and there will be a few around that particular card. Today we take a look at Farmville.

I will never forget when Facebook started to introduce games on their website – I was at University and it was around the same sort of time they introduced Facebook Chat – if you want to know how that went down then this clip from the IT Crowd pretty much sums up how we reacted to it.

Another thing that we acted this crazy about was Farmville, for some reason all of my housemates and friends off my course had really addictive reactions to this game and became engulfed with it. We all became addicted to this game so much so we would all sit in the back row of lectures playing this game. All of us in a row – farming, building and feeding the pigs. Such a simple idea for a game that sort of hypnotised us.

It is weird looking back at it now as there are so many games that play along the similar style as to what Farmville does but at the time this was very different to other games and I think that is why we all became addicted to it. We must of looked really sad all sitting there not really listening and all playing this game at the back of a hall, it was so silly but we all loved it so much.

Every time I see this episode of the IT Crowd it brings back all these silly little memories.

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