The Travel Book – Cafe Morand, Besançon, France

When you visit somewhere in France, you always want to find a nice place to have a coffee and a pastry. Well, when we were in Besançon in 2019, we came across this cafe randomly and had breakfast there and it was really nice that I wanted to share the location with you.

Cafe Morand is located at 8 Rue Morand in Central Besançon, it is open daily from 7:15am to 7pm (but times may differ or alter during this Covid Pandemic so check before you visit).It is a cafe that offers everything from pastries, coffees to jams and hot meals daily.

We visited the coffee shop when we were staying in the area and went there for breakfast. It was really busy and a place a lot of the locals visited on a daily basis which gives you a sign of what sort of place it is. We found the staff to be very friendly and the food good value. It was a very lovely little place and would visit again.

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