Welcome To New Tuesdays!

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It’s a New Year so it is only right we start to shake things up a bit. The London Notebook is finishing for a while we many bring it back again but for now we are taking a break. So welcome to a bran new Tuesday!

We are not just introducing one feature instead we are introducing two! Every other week we are going to switch between two different features.

The first article we are going to do fortnightly is called LISTED! Just like the past two features we are going to write articles inspired by a book with writing prompts and ideas.

The second article we are going to introduce is called Gigstory. I go to a lot of music concert so thought it would be fun to share a few stories that have cone out of those gigs.

So we hope that you enjoy the remix of articles but we thought it would be fun to mix it up every week!

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