In The Games Corner – Rampage World Tour, Playstation One

Today we look at a game that was originally created as an arcade game and is also the second game in the series. Rampage World Tour was released at the end of 1997, it was designed by Brian Colin and Jeff Nauman and published by Midway Games and GT Interactive.

The game is based around monsters George, Lizzie and Ralph who have been released from a lab due to an explosion. In the game they want to go around the whole of the town to destroy all the scumlabs bases. The aim of every kevel is to destroy all the buildings whilst avoiding and fighting off the military. You have to be quick destroying the town on each level because if you are not careful they will bring in jets that bomb the city and that lowers your points.

The game received positive reviews and it made gamers apparently yearn for the original arcade game. The only real criticism about the game was the fact that unlike the arcade version you can only have two players instead of three.

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