New Year! New Articles!

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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2021, we are wishing you all the happiness and joy in the world for this year and hoping that it will not be as crazy as the year before.

Just like always we are bringing you some new articles in the new year to make your reading experience more varied and different:

Travel – This year we are adding a new article feature that will pop up ever so often in our Travel Book feature – I will be writing about mini adventures and stories that have happened during these trips as I have so many little tales to tell!

Improv Corner – This will continue as normal however we are also adding a new feature that will pop up in this strand ever so often. I am fascinated how improv is portrayed in television and films due to its increase in popularity so ever so often we are going to look at these specific scenes and analyse what interesting they makes about the comedy form

New Tuesdays – We also have a brand new Tuesday format for you as well at 12:30pm! We are not just introducing one feature instead we are introducing two! Every other week we are going to switch between two different features. The first article we are going to do fortnightly is called LISTED! Just like the past two features we are going to write articles inspired by a book with writing prompts and ideas.The second article we are going to introduce is called Gigstory. I go to a lot of music concert so thought it would be fun to share a few stories that have cone out of those gigs.

I am sure there will be new articles that will pop up along the way as well. We will also have articles from our regular writers and guest writers as well so keep an eye on that too!

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