The Travel Book – ARKEN Museum for Morderne Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark

This week for The Travel Book we are heading to Copenhagen for a tourist attraction that has a really impressive architecture for an Art museum. ARKEN Museum for Morderne Kunst is located in Ishøj, which is approximately half and hour to fourty minutes away from Copenhagen by train. Although it is worth highlighting it is about 20 minute walk from the station by following the walking route set out from there). The walk up to the museum is really impressive as it is situated near the water and he building is a fascinating piece of architecture.

ARKEN is open 10-5pm on Tuesday to Sunday, 10am-9pm on Wednesday and closed on Mondays (it may be different in Covid situations please check the website for more information.) The entrance fee is 130KR for adults and DKK 110 for students and free for children.

The museum contains more then 400 pieces of Danish, Nordic and international contemporary art. All of the art is predominantly from after 1990. They have a lot of exhibitions that pass through the museums and it changes frequently.

One thing we have to talk about is the architecture – it was built in the nineties and designed by young architecture student Søren Robert Lund. The building is designed to look like a giant stranded ship. Apparently the ship metaphor extends inside with an enormous art axis shaped like a hull of a ship.

Before we leave the museum we have to talk about it’s surroundings as it is located right next to Denmark’s most ‘beautiful sandy beaches.’ There is a lot to see and it is really scenic.

When I visited the museum the one thing that really stood out to me was the architecture as it is really impressive with the reeds surrounding the building and the water is really impressive. My favourite art I saw is actually outside as it is really effective. The art inside was impressive and a lot of the building is taken up with exhibitions.

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