Taste Of States – BEYOND THE FOOD SPECIAL – The Pizza Patio Set

This month we are taking a look at a completely different angle at the subject of food in the USA. Food isn’t something you can just eat, it is also something you can now wear, use or even have it as a scent. One of the most crazy things I think I have seen myself was when I was in Chicago airport, and there was Bacon flavored toothpaste. Since that day in 2011 I’ve been fascinated with what else is out there. So this month I thought we would look at some of the unusual products on the market.


Are you one of those people like me that never really understood why there was a tiny white circles down in the middle of a pizza when you order takeaway? I don’t think they do them as much in the UK anymore but by the looks of it, they still do them a lot in the USA and Boston Pizza decided to go one step further to create the ideology we were all thinking of.

The tiny white plastic stand is known as a pizza saver and is there to stop the food from touching the sides when it is in transit. A lot of people (including myself) think it looks like a table and I’m sure I have one of them in my doll’s house as a kid. So Boston Pizza decided to surprise customers by adding a tiny chairs as well.

The tiny chairs and table were released as an ad campaign, but it did so well virally that the mini patio stayed around longer than anticipated. It may be something silly, but it’s also fun to see something creative to depict what we were all thinking.

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