Off The Record – Magic Of The Music Video Special – The Fame Monster, Lady Gaga

This year, we launched a brand new set of articles called The Magic of The Music Video which looks at videos that have inspired me as a Video Editor. Well, I thought I would bring that article to life in more ways then one by celebrating certain albums that some of those singles have come off of. Why do this you ask? Well, you may know the songs but may of never actually listened to the albums so welcome to this section of this feature that will happen throughout the year.  In October we featured Lady Gaga so today we are looking at today at the album where Telephone came from – The Fame Monster


This song starts up gradually with a lonely bassline and trumpet sound whilst Lady Gaga sets up the narrative of the song, when the song starts there is a heavy bassline which creates the drama in the song. The lyrics are really clever in this song as it uses metaphors to create the emotion and narrative around this guy that she is singing about. This song is highly addictive and has a really unique sound which is a theme through this whole album. The main things that are striking about this album is the dominant beat throughout and the way that you can hear the echo of the electronic sound that has been used in previous songs such as Just Dance, very clever.


Lady Gaga may be good at pure pop music but she is also very talented on the piano and this song really highlights her talents. It still has a low tone of the beat of a pop song but it is more focussed on the piano and the vocals of the star. This song is one of the best on the album as it really does highlight just how talented she is and when she hits the power notes it really packs a punch. Also the piano playing is phenomenal.

So Happy I Could Die

The great thing about this album is that every song has a completely unique sound to it and this song has a really heavy beat to it but it also has emotion impacted into the music through the electronic sounds. Lady Gaga’s singing feels emotional in this song as well and really compliments the dance style in this track. This song has many elements to it and when you listen to it throughout you can hear all the ways that the song changes.


This is the most unique song on the album and because of that it is one of my favourites as it is so different. It uses bells throughout to create this dominant beat again but also to create this sort of dramatic sound. The music gradually builds up in this song and really comes together when it come to the chorus. It is a really dramatic sounding track and that is why it is so effective.

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