The Single Sessions – 2020 CHRISTMAS SONGS -A Joyful Noise, Shannon LaBrie

All this month we are celebrating Christmas by looking at some of the new singles that are released this year! We will be covering all sorts of genres and looking at a variety of artists and bands! We will be giving you a review of the song and an indepth look at the track! Today we look at a brand new track by Shannon LaBrie – A Joyful Noise

A Joyful Noise, Shannon LaBrie

This song is different to your average festive song it has a sort of a sentimental feel to it that is soulful and emotional. There is an acoustic guitar that initially sounds and feels like a song that you would relate to summer or spring but when you listen to the lyrics, the words are about songs of peace at this festive time.

It is a calm song that you may need in the most busiest and fast paced part of the year. The lyrics make you reflect on all your past Christmas times, it has a sense of nostalgia to it that sort of brings this year together. It is a song that has positive lyrics which is just what we need this year after all the darkness. It is a song that is nice to have at this time of year as it is different to other tracks around and might make a nice change to the other music that is available.

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