The Single Sessions – 2020 CHRISTMAS SONGS – Christmas In California, Raff Pylon feat Snoop Dog

All this month we are celebrating Christmas by looking at some of the new singles that are released this year! We will be covering all sorts of genres and looking at a variety of artists and bands! We will be giving you a review of the song and an indepth look at the track! Today we look at a brand new track by Raff Dog featuring Snoop Dog – Christmas In California

Christmas In California, Raff Pylon feat Snoop Dog

This is not your average Christmas song, it has a real r’n’b feel to it that makes it smooth and sort of heightens the festive season to this sexy time of the year. The song has hints of Christmas throughout out with the bells ringing in the background and with the chorus singing the simple lyrics that it is Christmas.

The song has this simple yet effective guitar melody that intertwine through the lyrics as the words describe memories of past Christmas times. Even though the song is all about Christmas you could listen to it at other times of the year if you want something chilled out.

Snoop Dogg’s lyrics make the words relevant specifically to 2020 Christmas as they discuss face masks and social distancing and not having to because they are together this Christmas time. The song as a whole gives an insight as to what it is like to spend Christmas in California and creates this ambience that drags you straight into the centre of the tale.

If you are looking for something a bit different this year with a sense of sophistication then I would suggest this song to be added to your playlist.

Listen to If you like:  Bruno Mars, Usher, Drake, Snoop Dogg

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