In The Games Corner… – Teddy Together, Nintendo 3DS

Today we are looking at computer game that was developed for the Nintendo 3DS. Teddy Together was released July 2016, it was developed by Arika and published by Nintendo.

The game revolved around a sentient teddy bear where the player has to forge a friendship with. You have to become friends with the bear because he helps you discover the purpose behind his existence and his mysterious key.

The game uses similar gameplay techniques as other simulation games on the 3DS whee you use the touch screen, microphone and buttons to play mini games and to interact with the bear. Some of the mini games include mowing the lawn or doing the cooking.

When you do activities in the game you earn coins that allow you to purchase items and clothing for the near. The bear asks the player questions throughout that effect the gameplay in future sections of the game.

The game received positive reviews for the gameplay with praise towards the wealth of content for children to play along with their parents.

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