Off The Record – EP FOCUS – Never Say Never, Neon Tapehead

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first!  Today we look at the new EP that was released yesterday by Funk bank Neon Tapehead – Never Say Never

I’m Not Lost

This song opens up with this electronic tone that turns into this really melodic track that is reminiscent of the eighties intertwined with something more modern. The track has an uplifting sound to it that is pushed along with guitar jingles throughout that emphasise and highlight the lyrics in the verses. The musical interludes are a breath of fresh air as the strings take this track to another level and make it something really interesting to listen to.

Know What I Want

This is one of the lead singles off the EP and automatically right from the start you are reeled in with this electronic pop tone that when the vocals hit it creates a musical treat for your ears. Throughout the song there is the odd speaking and purring (yes purring of the R’s) and at first you are not sure about the sound but then it starts to grow on you very dramatically and creates a really interesting sound that is unique and stylish.

Let’s Get Down

This song has a real bass to it that creates a different impact to the other tracks and sort of creates this ‘sexy style’ to the song that compliments the lyrics that are being sung. This song has elements such as electric singing that you would imagine would be in an eighties track. It is again a very clever mix of nostalgia and modern sounds.

Never Say Never

This song feels like it has soulful influences and it is really clever how it has managed to intertwine into an electronic song to create a track that you can feel the emotion in. The lyrics are stripped back compared to other tracks on the album which means that you really focus on the musical construction in the background. It feels like a good mix of pop and electronic intertwined.


This song has a really fun opening to it that you can automatically feel the emotion and the feelings of the singers lyrics throughout. It has a real defined beat to it that you can imagine chilling out to on a winters evening. It is a really great way to end this album as it sort of takes the element of the album and completes it in an effective way.

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