The Single Sessions – 2020 CHRISTMAS SONGS – Dear Santa (Christmas Is Cancelled), Tom Houghton featuring Iain Stirling

All this month we are celebrating Christmas by looking at some of the new singles that are released this year! We will be covering all sorts of genres and looking at a variety of artists and bands! We will be giving you a review of the song and an indepth look at the track! So let’s kick things off with a brand new track by Tom Houghton featuring Iain Sterling that was released this week and is raising money for Action For ChildrenDear Santa (Christmas Is Cancelled)

Dear Santa (Christmas Is Cancelled), Tom Houghton featuring Iain Stirling

This year has been a very weird year so it was only right that there would be songs that would be about 2020 and the pandemic. This particular song that we are looking at today was written by comedian Tom Houghton who has been using social media to reach out to fans on his social media in the writing and creation process to allow them to help out with the ideas around the song. This is not the first song by the comedian this year, whilst in Lockdown he reached out to fans again to write and create a song back in July where they helped give opinions on the writing process and style etc.

Dear Santa is quite an interesting song, it has this jolly musical bassline which is then contradicted with comical lyrics about not having Christmas this year taking on the politicians, the tiers and Covid. The song is a conversation between Tom and Santa (Iain Sterling) as he tells Santa that Christmas is cancelled and the song is telling him not to deliver Christmas this year.

If you are a fan of comedy or parody style songs then this is a track for you. The song throughout sort of samples and gives hints to other famous Christmas tracks which is what you expect from a comedy style Christmas track. The song is quite catchy and you can’t help tapping you foot along.

The song has a lot of Christmas melodies that are intertwined with a piano melody throughout, it is a different sort of Christmas song for this year but is also one I think we expected due to everything that has happened in the world this year. However, saying that, this ones comes with a spin on the situation with a bunch of fun lyrics about putting Elves on furlough, spending money on Christmas and of course Barnard Castle. The great thing is that all proceedings made from this song are being donated to Action For Children.

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