The Improv Place Month – INTERVIEW – The Mid-24th Century…

This month is a very exciting one as we are getting to know all about the brand new Improv Social media website The Improv Place. It is a website community where professional improvisers share their joy for the craft and the comedy form. Next week we really delve into what the website can offer improvisers but today we are going to get to know the founders of the site that little but better. Katy Schutte and Chris Mead are well know improvisers on the UK improv scene and between them they have really impressive improv CVs as well as performed all around the world. So tin our last part of our interview we do something very traditional that we do a lot on the Phoenix Remix and that is Quick Fire Questions!

If you could have any three people (dead or alive) over for dinner – who would they be?

CHRIS: The Doctor (all regenerations), Hayao Miyazaki and Natasha Rothwell.

What’s the best piece advice you’ve received?

CHRIS: Done is better than good.

Do you have any pets?

CHRIS: Nope.

If you could be from any other decade (or era), which would it be?

CHRIS: Mid-24th century.

If you had to have a tattoo to represent improv what would you have and why?

CHRIS: One of Katy’s stipulations about The Improv Place logo was that it would make a great tattoo. I think we’ve achieved that. So yeah – a idea (represented by a bulb) filled with lightning.

What’s on your music playlists right now?

CHRIS: Fake It Flowers by beabadoobee. Punisher by Phoebe Bridgers. Gaslighter by The Dixie Chicks. A new single called Nazareth by The Staves who are my favourite.

Who would play you in the movie of your life?

CHRIS: Timothée Chalamet seems to be getting all the best roles at the moment. There would need to be facial prosthetics involved as he looks nothing like me.

If you had one superpower, what would it be?

CHRIS: Super speed. I’ve thought about this a lot. It’s a power that is great for being a superhero and also just really useful in day to day life.

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