Comedy Book Corner – Nothing Like I Imagined (Book Series), Mindy Kaling

This year script writer and actress Mindy Kaling released a set of mini stories for Amazon Prime Members to enjoy (however you can still read then for £1,99 a purchase if you so desire). Each on of them is a mini true life story about different areas of her life including her religion, bringing up a young child as a single parent, working in Hollywood and her friendship with BJ Novak.

When I say these are short stories I truly mean it as one book is only eight pages but do not let that put you of as even though they are small they are really interesting stories that actually engage the reader.

These are a fun set of books and if you are looking for something quick to read that sort of reflects or mirrors a magazine feature then I would take a look at these books. If I wasn’t a Prime user I am not sure if I would want to spend £1.99 for each book and would hope that they did a bundle price because for eight pages that is pretty steep. However, if you want a book with light hearted humour and really well written give them a read.

Readibility Rating: 7/10

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