The London Notebook – Bars I Still Want To Visit…

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Welcome to a brand new Feature on the Phoenix Remix! One thing we really enjoy writing about is Travel and we have decided to expand on the writing we are doing about the topic! Whilst we are still keeping in the tradition of making our Tuesday Lunchtime articles inspired by a book it is also going to welcome Travel Tuesdays!

I have lived in London the majority of my life and it is a city that I have always been fascinated by because it doesn’t matter how many time you visit, you see something new.

Our brand new article is inspired by questions from a book called London Journal by Paperchase and each week we will look at different areas and topics about London! So, I hope you enjoy and lets kick things off!

London Quote of the Week

Keep calm and go to London.


This Weeks Topic: Bars I Want To visit

The great thing about the Capital is that there is never a shortfall in the places you can visit for a drink. It also means that there are a lot that you can’t see all of them unless you really made it your mission. So here are a list of a few I want to visit or that I should of visited as some were temporarily available. These are either in areas that I do not visit a lot or life has just got in the way.

The Lost Lagoon, Shepherds Bush

I don’t know if this is still open as I am sure it closed as it was only open for a limited time and I found out about it too late. From what I read it was a bar that was underground and from what I read you have you own boat and you ride them up to the bars and are welcomed to an interactive theatre show. On paper it all sounded really unique and would of been interesting to see.

Sky Garden

This is a really popular spot for people in London but I have always missed out on it when a friend has decided to go here and it is so annoying, so I need to visit – I love any view of London from above.

A Spy Bar

This is no particular Spy Bar because there are so many in London it is hard to choose which one in particular I would like to visit. There is one in Liverpool Street area where you walk through a secret fridge to get to it and another one in Earls Court where you have to solve clues to get the drinks menu – so before I go I will choose the most exciting.

Photo by Isabella Mendes on Pexels

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