INTERVIEW: Talking Music With Ben Davidson

This week we are chatting to musician Ben Davidson a musician who has been in the industry since he was 15 years old. He was originally part of the boyband Most Wanted and toured with acts such as S Club 7, 911 and the Sugababes, releasing his debut album No One Knows in 2018.

Later this week Ben releases his brand new single Learn To Love Again which is a cover of the Lawson track so what better time to catch up with Ben and find out all about it and how this year has been.

Hello Ben! Tell us three unknown facts about yourself?

– I have no immune system due to an accident.

– I have broken both my arms, legs, ribs, collar bone, shoulder blade, nose, jaw, fingers and toes. I was very accident prone as a child.

– I’m a fast food addict

How did you get into music?

My elder sister actually started singing, and sang with UB40 and Pato Banton and I was so jealous of the attention she was getting that I locked myself away with her karaoke machine and Take That  tapes and recorded myself singing along. I was not naturally good and would listen back to the tapes and if it didn’t sound the same as Gary Barlow I would do it again and again for hours and hours. We had a fire in the kitchen one day and my mum and sister were cleaning the some damage and found my tapes and played them, they thought it was my sister at first and then realised. My mum got me out of bed to stand and sing to them. Then I was slowly included into the singing and there was no shutting me up. lol

Who do you find your inspirations? 

I’ve always been drawn to big vocalists as a kid with a high voice I steered to the Divas, Mariah Carey is my biggest influence as a writer, producer and singer she is simply incredible. I also adore Kelly Clarkson she is probably the female me and I think if we every met wed not stop talking for hours!

Tell us all about your latest single Learn To Love Again?

Well this is actually my first cover version of a song! It was originally recorded and released by Lawson. This song I have loved singing for years and was actually a song I performed at the showcase that got me signed to Energise Records, It fits the tone of my music perfectly and I think Dan, my producer and I gave it just enough of a remake to stay true to the roots of the song but also bring it up to date and give it that little Ben Davidson flare vocally  Its really a great song!

The song is very upbeat I can imagine it is really fun to perform live?

It is yes, I haven’t had the chance to perform my version for actual people yet with COVID but it will definitely be a set opener with the introduction we created for it. I can’t wait to perform it live!

Tell us about how you have been making music in lockdown?

Well its been a little slower than Id like but we have been busy! This is actually my 3rd single this year and plans for the album around March 2021! I have been working remotely with DSM we have 6 or 7 songs in the bag now. I upgraded my microphone and system to be able to record my vocals remotely so all the vocals have been done in my bedroom. And I think the sound we have achieved is still top notch! Big credit to Dan my producer and the remixers they really have made all this possible. I’m very vocal heavy on these songs lots of harmonies, layers, backing vocals etc all are me so they have a lot to get through per track ha ha.

What is the most challenging thing when it comes to producing a record?

I’m sure my producer would say me haha. I think doing the songs remotely is the biggest challenge as you are on video calls etc and trying to explain. And believe me when I say I have a lot of input in all aspects of my tracks, I sent voice notes of me being a guitar I can hear as a solo, or random hooks to add or change. So all these thing would be quicker and easier if we were in the studio together.

How do you warm up for a show?

Lots of fluid and nerves haha I don’t have a specific routine really I just go and give it my all.

Also let’s talk tour – will there be live shows coming next year?

I would like to think so! With this being my second album I definitely have enough material to go tour, just depends if any one is able to. Id actually like to do a support slot first to get me a little more seasoned and take some of the pressure away.

What is one of your favourite songs  to perform live? 

Learning to Let You or Epic both have such a great energy and are just fun to perform!

What is the toughest songs to perform live and why?

No One Knows is a tough one its probably one of my favourite vocals of mine but I really did channel the divas with the constant range in that song!! The last two sustained notes are pure belters!

Sick Of the Sound because its just so sad and I get to emotional when I try. I haven’t successfully performed that yet.

How have you been keeping creative during lockdown? 

Writing album has kept me busy so creativity has been flowing strong in my house.

Has it lead to more songs?

Not really i’m always getting ideas from life and my own experiences so I’m lucky the well hasn’t dried up at all yet haha

Our site also is about improv – in a music sense, what have been some of your favorite improvised melodies that you have created and been able to use in songs and why?

I’m a fan of an adlib for sure and they can tend to become great hooks that we incorporate into the tracks. Too many to chose from haha.

What are your plans for 2020 / 2021?

Keep safe and sane and hopefully cheer folk up with some more music! We have to stick together and stay strong right now.

And finally why should people check out your music?

I think because I am unapologetically me, there are a lot of amazing artists out there now and representing Pop music and LGBTQ artists but I think I don’t sound like anyone on the radio right now I have my own voice and style. I write and sing from the heart and I think people can relate! I appreciate everyone who does even listen to one song!

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