In The Games Corner… The Ooze, Sega Genesis

Have you ever wanted to play as a slimy puddle of goo? Well you can if you played the game The Ooze on Sega Genesis. The game was released in 1995, it was developed by Sega Technical Institute and produced by Michael Wallis.

The game is all based around a Chemical plant where Scientist Dr Daniel Craine sneaks in to fin evidence that crimes are being committed using toxic gas he created. The corporation discovers him trespassing and try and kill him in toxic waste, instead it turns him into an angry character called The Ooze which is a character you play as.

The Ooze character can stretch and spit to attack enemies. In this single player action game you have to complete numerous puzzles and must finish them all to move on. Another thing you need to do is to collect 50 helices – this leads to a good ending.

The game received mostly negative reviews with comments on the graphics stating that they are choppy and also that it was a frustrating game to play.

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