The Travel Book – Corfe Castle, Dorset, United Kingdom

The one thing that is great about the UK is the fact that it has a lot of great places to see historical sites and one of those places I think you will enjoy is called Corfe Castle. Located on the Purbeck Hills between Wareham and Swanage, Corfe Castle has one of the most iconic royal castles in the UK.

The castle has a 1000 year history and dates back to the 10th Century. It is the site of the murder of Eduard the Martyr in 978. The word Corfe comes from the Saxon word Ceorfan which means cut or carve which signifies the gap in the Purbeck Hills in which Corfe Castle is located.

Corfe Castle is actually a town but we are focussing on the actual ruins of the castle. It is owned by the National Trust whilst times at the moment may vary when it opens, it usually is most days 10-5. In the current Covid climate please follow guidelines and book a slot online. To enter the castle it is £10 for adults and £5 for children.

So why should you visit Corfe Castle? Well, it is a really interesting place. When I was younger, I got taken there a lot on family trips and school trips. It is a place that is full of history that is really good to walk around. It is a fascinating building that has lasted through so many years I will say through it is a huge hill to walk up.

Feature Image: Corfe Castle in Dorset, England 2004. Chipeline on Wiki Commons

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