The Magic Of The Music Video! – Adam Lambert Month – If I Had You

I am a Video Editor – and one of the things (probably the main thing) that inspired me to work in television post production was actually music videos.

Music videos are one of my favourite things in the world and I spent hours and I MEAN literally hours when I was growing up watching them Even now in the modern world, I can find myself getting lost on YouTube watching music videos for hours on end – they are an addiction.

This month we are taking a look at a musician that is really talented and I actually came across him very quickly after American Idol through his music video for his debut single. I think it popped up one day on my Youtube home page and I clicked it and I was mesmerized. I love a great video with huge production and For Your Entertainment had it all. I watched it on repeat so many times I was addicted to the song and the video. I am so happy that Adam is huge today because he deserves it he is such a talented singer and I love seeing what music he brings out next. His videos are always good fun to watch and always have a lot to watch both in stye and editorially so lets celebrate Adam this month

Adam Lambert – If I Had You

Why did you choose this particular video?

This video is very interesting to watch as there is alot going on and this means there are some great little edits. Yet again this video was pretty unique as it combines a lot of different elements to create this magical vision.

So, what is the narrative?

The Director of the music video was apparently inspired by Adam’s experiences he had at Burning Man which were ‘psychedelic’.

Favourite parts of the video?

The one thing that I really like at the beginning of the video is the bold dark colors of the shots and the way that the light flairs make every shot look slick and really futuristic. The way that the colour grade emphasises the blues, yellows, reds and greens mean that it really makes this more prominent and works really well. Have a look at this shot for example, the background is really vibrant. I think the fact that Adam is in the darker gradient is really effective because when he goes to the party in the forest the ideology of these shots completely changes and switches.

The flares are a prominent thing in this video and they are really fun and exciting to watch. Before the chorus kicks in there is this really fast edited sequence of shots that are linked by a lot of white flashes which create a sense of mystery and also this real mystical vibe for the video. I really like this video because of these sort of effects.

Another thing that I really like about this video is that whenever Adam has a costume change the grading and the style of editing slightly changes which subtly yet effectively really highlight the costumes and the personalities that are being portrayed. For example when Adam comes on in the hat and the heavy makeup the grading slightly darkens again and the highlight is on different bold colours again the background.

This is another example of the costume changes and the way that the colour grade changes. These last scenes are a lot darker to highlight the whites, greys and bold red trees. As you may know from reading other articles in this strand I love a bold red colour as it is always a connotation for something and for this video I think it is a combination of passion and love. Also I love the lighting style edits at this part of the video, it is so dramatic.

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