Welcome To The Improv Place Month

This month is a very exciting one as we are getting to know all about the brand new Improv Social media website The Improv Place. It is a website community where professional improvisers share their joy for the craft and the comedy form. The founders of the website is Katy Schutte and Chris Mead who are well know improvisers on the UK improv scene and between them they have really impressive improv CVs as well as performed all around the world.

The Improv Place was launched this year and is a website where improvisers can talk to others, gain advice, have debates, attend courses, plan shows and so much more! The community is every growing and now it is a few months down the line since we spoke to Katy and Chris at the launch. it felt the perfect time to catch up and find out all about it. So keep your eyes peeled for a fun month ahead!

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