In The Games Corner – Art Academy, Nintendo DS

The Ninetendo DS was pretty unique when it was released as it had a screen which allowed you to interact with it with a drawing pen that you got with the portable console. Well this meant that some of the games created new ways to interact with them and to allow you to be more creative.

Art Academy was released on the Nintendo DS on the 14th September 2009. It was developed by Headstrong Games and Nintendo SPD and it was published by Nintendo as well.

The game was an art training software which taught you skills to help you do painting and drawing. The game had six lessons which teach you techniques that can be applied to real life art work.

There are a few modes available in the game – lesson mode which is the main part where you get taught by a virtual tutor and Free Paint where you are allowed to draw or paint whatever you like.

The game received positive reviews and ended up having a number of sequels.

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