The London Notebook

The London Notebook – Best Locations To See The City

One thing we really enjoy writing about is Travel and we have decided to expand on the writing we are doing about the topic! Whilst we are still keeping in the tradition of making our Tuesday Lunchtime articles inspired by a book it is also going to welcome Travel Tuesdays!

I have lived in London the majority of my life and it is a city that I have always been fascinated by because it doesn’t matter how many time you visit, you see something new.

Our brand new article is inspired by questions from a book called London Journal by Paperchase and each week we will look at different areas and topics about London! So, I hope you enjoy and lets kick things off!

London Quote of the Week

There are two places in the world where men can most effectively disappear — the city of London and the South Seas

Herman Melville

This Weeks Topic: Best Locations To See The City

Everyone has their favourite spaces to see the City, it doesn’t have to be the most photographic places in the capital but it is a place where you stand and can really appreciate how great London actually is. I have decided to write a list of just some of the places that I really like in the city – they may not be the most photographic but they are places that when I go there I truly appreciate London for what it is.

The Roofs of Leicester Square

There used to be a bar that you could get a balcony view of Leicester Square and I loved it because it really was lovely to see the hustle and bustle from above. There was a reasonable view of the London Eye in the distance and it just is one of those balconies that just made you really appreciate the nightlife of the city. If you looked directly downwards you could also watch the street artists and the amount of people that would stop to watch them.

Outside the Snail Building.

Out of all the areas of London, if I have been away from the capital for a while this is one of the places I will head to as I love the view. From right outside the Snail (the Mayors office) you have an amazing view of Thames, the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. It doesn’t matter what time of day or what the weather is, it is always such a great view and defines London.

Trafalgar Square

If there is one area of London that always makes me happy to visit then that is Trafalgar Square, there is always something going on and it is right in the centre of the capital which means that it is close to everywhere and in walking distance. It is even more fun to go there because there is always new art on the plinth that makes it fun to look out for.

The View of the Rooftops at Picadilly

Yes we are up in the air again, when I was at University I did work experience at a media company that did everything from tour posters for huge bands, DVDs for Comedians and everything in between. The lead graphics man designed the Clash’s album covers! Anyway it was located just off of Piccadilly Circus and one day the boss decided to show me their rooftop garden (which was really just a rooftop) and it was one of the best views I have seen of London. That area of the capital looked so different from above and because the area had a lot of WW2 history you could sort of see that more from above then below. It was like a walk back in time and was really interesting.

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