Taste Of States – This Week – Unicorn Macaroni Cheese

Welcome To Taste of States a place where we celebrate the weird and wonderful food of the United States of America. This can be everything from the snacks that are available for a limited time to the foods that are classic traditions at events such as Christmas and Thanksgiving! Each week we will explore the facts and the history surrounding a different food.

Taste of states New


If there is one thing that is highly popular in the States, then it is macaroni and cheese and last year the brand Kraft thought of a way of re-designing it to make it a little bit more fun.

In March 2019, Kraft announced that they were releasing a brand new product to create nostalgia – Macaroni and Cheese Unicorn Shapes. The products allow you to eat macaroni in the shapes of rainbows, stars and unicorn heads. According to the instructions, you cook the pasta exactly the same way as normal macaroni cheese.

The unicorn shape Macaronic and Cheese was available nationwide at shops like Target and Walmart for a price of $1.29. The 55oz box has a serving of 2 and has no artificial preservatives, no artificial flavours, or no artificial dyes. Each serving has approximately 250 grams of fat.

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