The Travel Book

The Travel Book – Top Tips For Creating A Travel Scrapbook Pt.1

Whenever I go abroad I make sure that I print a good handful of my pictures on my return so I can scrapbook them. I sort of accidentally fell into doing this activity and since that first day I have fell in love with it. It is such a great way to display your memories and it can also be a more personal way to show them as well. So over the next few weeks I am going to give you a few top tips on how to start scrapbooking your travels.

Keep Your Tickets and Maps

Any train tickets or maps I pick up at a location I tend to keep it and put them in a safe place. Even if you don’t want to scrap the map itself, there are usually tourist spots advertised around the outside of the map of all the sites you may want to visit. These are great as they have lots of little photos and these may be useful for your book.

Pick Up Restaurant Cards

Some restaurants you visit have their own business cards that they leave at the entrance or on the bar if you pick these up you can use them too for your memories. They are a great way to remember where you have been to eat. Also take a photo of the menu if it is set, or your food as they can be great to see as well. If you can’t get a photo of the menu of what you had altogether write it and jazz it up with crafts around it.

Put Numbers On The Back Of Photos You Print

As soon as you get your photos printed my advice to you is to get your photos, put them in the order you want them and then write the numbers on the back. There can be bug gaps between wanting to scrap book so putting numbers on the back of the photographs will you remind you the next time you scrap what order you wanted them in.

Buy A Scrapbook

There are loads of shops that specialise in scrapbooks and if you want to do this make sure you buy a book that is classed as a scrapbook. Notepads and Sketch pads for example don’t work as well and will tear easily when you start adding a lot of content to them. Scrapbooks are thick paper card and created specifically for this. Also think about what size – I reccomend medium or large, the small scrapbooks do not hold alot and can be frustrating. Shops such as Paperchase, Hobby Craft and WHSmith are just some of the shops you can buy them in.

More next week…

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