Celebrating Comediasians Month – INTERVIEW – Meet Juwel

All this month we are celebrating the improv troupe Comediasians. There is fifteen members of the team (and ever increasing) so we thought it was only right we got to know a few of them that little bit better! So each week we will be talking to a different member of the team to find out a little bit more about them. Today we talk to Juwel.


Hello how long have you been improvising?
I’m in year seven now. 

How did you get into improv?
I was doing singing classes after work, a classmate mentioned she was doing improv classes, I couldn’t believe that regular people got to have a go at that Whose Line fun, I had to have a go. 

What is your favourite style of improv and why?

Long-form. I love the chance to apply things I learned from Dave Razowsky and Jason Shotts. I love the challenge of crafting a full theme-based play from nothing. And as an audience member I love it when a show gives me the feeling that I’m watching a sport and rooting for the team, following along as they build the attack and score. 

Favourite short form game?
Number Of Words, and Press Conference. 

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