In The Games Corner – Pop’N’Music, Playstation One

At the beginning of the noughties dance video games were a huge deal and there were many video games a that focussed on this. Pop N Music was released on 20th September 1998. It was developed by Bemani and published by Konami.

Pop N Music was originally an arcade game but it was released on game consoles such as the PlayStation. The idea of the game is to hit buttons in time to the beat. Each song is represented by character that appears when you choose that song..

There are many gameplay options in the game including high-speed, appearance and random just to name a few. In the levels there was a Groove Gorge which shows the player’s performance.

There are many gameplay modes including battle, expert, challenge and energy mode. Throughout the game there are options to play high difficulty levels. The first version there is 19 songs available and the game was also released as an exclusive to PlayStation.

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