Comedy Book Corner – America Unchained, Dave Gorman

I’ve read a lot of Dave Gorman books but I will say right from the top of this review that this was one of the most interesting ones. When Gorman sets himself a challenge, he doesn’t just do normal things instead he thinks of the most unique ideas that he can. In this book he decides to travel across America without using chains for gas food accommodation or vehicles.

It is a book that reels you right in from the start and continues to do so with its twists and turns in the story. It is an interesting concept for a book and you end up learning a lot about towns in America you may have heard of

Throughout the book they’re also emails to his Publishers, which sort of act like a section dividers and even though it takes you out of the narrative they create depth and produce emotion for the reader.

This book is very well written with a lot of highs and lows on the way that you will keep you engaged. Dave’s writing style is very easy to get on with and it becomes a book that you just don’t want to put down an addictive read that leaves you in suspense while also making you think that’s ‘so Dave’ the whole way through.

A comedian on an adventure no-one else would do

Readability Rating: **** 4 Stars

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