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The Travel Book – Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark

In a previous article, we spoke about the Copenhagen card and how it allows you to access a number of tourist attractions. One of the places that you can visit is the Copenhagen Zoo.

The zoo is located on Roskildevej 32 and there are many ways you can get to the attraction including the 7A bus, the metro, by car, or even bike. The zoo is open daily and if you don’t have the Copenhagen Card it is DKK 195 for adults and DKK 108 for children.

The zoo has been opened since 1859 and is home to many animals including Asian Elephants, lions, bats, bears and monkeys to name a few. It is a really big zoo so it will take a while to walk around it so plan your day accordingly.

The main aim of the Copenhagen Zoo is to actively contribute to the conservation of nature and biodiversity. They end to do a lot of research into animals, the sciences around them and natural conservation.

I went to the zoo in February this year (before everything in the world got shut down in March and put into lockdown) and really liked it. I wasn’t sure I was going to but I found it really interesting. The thing that may give you a bit of a shock is that they feed all their animals such as the bears and lions etc with the heads of cows so it may be a bit of an unusual thing for you to see in a zoo.

When you get past the idea of the rotting head it is really interesting to watch the animals at work tearing the meat apart and feels more like you are seeing what they do in the wild. It is the first place I have seen a panda do anything then just sleep so it was really interesting to watch him at work eating bamboo. The highlight of the zoo is the bat cave, it is fascinating watching them at work and the way that they fly, it is dark and hidden away under the monkeys enclosure so be sure to keep an eye out for it. Another thing about the zoo is that it is also the place I had the best hot chocolate and brownies I have ever had. Definitely visit the cafe.

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