Improv Corner – Naming A Team Today…

I saw a discussion the other day about what people are going to call their new groups that they have formed during this time of lockdown and a global pandemic. None of the names I read were anyway related to the current situations and in some ways that made me really relieved.

Naming a team is really difficult at the best of times and it is something that actually takes a really long time to do, You want a team name that is relevant to everyone in your team whilst also being catchy so others remember you. Punderstandably was named after a joke in our team – when it got to U in the Alphabet game we always used to say Understandably and we found it hilarious. People remembered us because we had such a random name. It may of not been the best for people to first pronounce when we did shows but it was catchy enough that people eventually said it right.

At the moment it is probably really hard to name a new team but should you name a team after current events?

Last year I went to the Edinburgh Fringe for a few days, not very long but I saw well over 20 shows in that short period of time. Last year the topic on everybodies mind was Brexit and it showed – there was shows specifically called Brexit, there was shows dedicated to Brexit but that was not all. All the shows I went to were nothing to do with Brexit whatsoever and 85%-90% had a Brexit joke in them as a ‘cheap laugh’. It got to a point where it was becoming really boring and repetitive as every joke was pretty much the same just worded in a different way.

It got to a point last year where I was attending shows (even ones by huge teams and acts) where they would have to declare right at the top of the show that it was a Brexit Free zone.

Let’s be honest, we all know what the festivals are going to be about in the next few years, it is going to be shows about the virus, the Government, Dominic Cummings etc. It is only natural as it is such a huge event and as shook the whole world in a way we have never experienced before.

Whilst it is a good thing to mock and reflect on the events happening in the world, it is important to remember that the audience come to a comedy show a lot of the time for escapism, to get away from the news and to have a laugh and sometimes having a show that is all about the news at the moment can be a bit too much.

At the beginning of this article I said that naming a team is really hard and it can take time. Whatever works for you is the key.

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