Celebrating Comediasians Month – INTERVIEW – Meet Yiannis

All this month we are celebrating the improv troupe Comediasians. There is fifteen members of the team (and ever increasing) so we thought it was only right we got to know a few of them that little bit better! So each week we will be talking to a different member of the team to find out a little bit more about them. Today we talk to Yiannis.


Hello Yiannis how long have you been improvising?
5 years this month

What is your favourite style of improv and why?
I’m weird and love the Harold but it’s tough to see done well.

What is your favourite warm up game?
I like King of the Jungle and Give Me Back My Son

Favourite short form game?
Cinema Date which was a game that my old team Punderstandably created

How would you describe your personal sort of improv?
Trying to find the game and pushing it.

Describe each Comediasians member in one word
There’s way too many of us for this so I’ll just do the worst possible thing and say Asian.

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