Off The Record – Magic Of The Music Video Special – Dookie, Green Day

This year, we launched a brand new set of articles called The Magic of The Music Video which looks at videos that have inspired me as a Video Editor. Well, I thought I would bring that article to life in more ways then one by celebrating certain albums that some of those singles have come off of. Why do this you ask? Well, you may know the songs but may of never actually listened to the albums so welcome to this section of this feature that will happen throughout the year.  In July we featured Green Day so today we are looking at today was the home of LongviewDookie


This is one of the best openers to an album and is hands down one of my favourites – it has a fantastic drum solo, great lyrics from a young Billie Joe and a lot of guitar riffs to die for. You can understand why these guys are the King of Punk Rock when you hear a song this good.

Coming Clean

Another fantastic album track and really highlights why this is one of the best punk rock albums of all time. It has amazing drumming solos fantastic guitar and bass work and all combined together with Billie Joes classic voice.


This song is one of the best album tracks and starts off very quiet and acoustic style and turns into a huge punk rock melody. An amazing song to round off one of the best albums by Green Day.

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