The Single Sessions – Money, The Great Leslie

Welcome the feature where we look at new singles coming onto the music scene. Today we look at the brand new single from The Great Leslie called Money, that is released today!

The songs opens gradually with a heavy bassline that is welcomed with a guitar melody that embraces the rhythm and creates a powerful opening for this track. It has an essence to the introduction that feels like a metaphorical sense of mischievous and it completely engages you to want to hear more.

‘Tell me your desires and all your lies’ – a lyrics that opens the song, simple yet powerful and I think already emphasis the bands key aim for this song ‘ to highlight love as the true currency of people’s souls‘. The lyrics in this song are key to really embrace this message and throughout the song there are key points that decipher this. Listening to this song it feels like it is broken into two sort of parts – the lyrics of the chorus define this message of only wanting the love of the partner and not caring about money. The verses feel like they delve more into the emotions of the relationship and it works really well to have these as two separate entities.

As well as the lyrics being broken up into two sections I think you can say the same for the music construction as well. The verses focus on the intricate guitar melodies and baselines which create a sense of more intimate emotions being portrayed lyrically. The chorus has a very powerful sound to it and embraces the vocal talents of Ollie. It is hard not to tap your foot along as it is really catchy and really highlights the talents of this London based alternative rock band.

This is a fun track and it is a really good listen to, the development throughout the track also makes it really interesting as well.

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