Off The Record – ALBUM REVIEW – Dreamland, Glass Houses

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first!  Today we look at the new album by Glass Animals – Dreamland


This is the song that opens the album and it really reflects the style of the song, it does feel like you are being taken to a dreamlike place. The song is slow, mesmerizing and has a slow tempo to it with a hint of electronica to it.
This song sort of feels like it is a hint of what is ahead on this new album by Glass Animals. It takes you on a journey of memories whilst looking forward to what is ahead. There is a electronic keyboard or piano used throughout to create this really dreamlike state.

Space Ghost Coast To Coast

This song has a really heavy bassline to it which highlights the clicking sound and the whisper style of the lyrics it creates a sense of nostalgia. The song is apparently about a childhood friend and the lyrics discuss things they used to do as children, There is an unusual guitar rift that intertwines throughout that creates a really unique sound and makes this song unique whilst keeping to the Glass Animals style. The highlight of the song is the clicking sounds that occur throughout and there is a musical interlude a third of the way through the song that really highlights the creativity of including this to the album.

Melon and the Coconut

This song is another track that has a dreamlike feel to it and when you read into the description you realise that this was based on waking up from a nap and the dream that he just had. It has a lot of electronic sounds in this song and it creates a real melodic sound to the song. This song is all about a melon breaking up with a coconut so embrace the narrative with that in mind.


This is the last song on the album and just like how we started, this song feels like it has a dream like state to it as well. This song opens with an electric guitar sounding like a melody you would get from Hawaii. It has a really paradise feel to this song and when you look into the reasons for this song you realise that this song is a summary of the album framed as a relationship which really is creative. This is an album full of creativity and creating unique sounds that reflect dreams in some shapes and form and this is a great end to the album.

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