In The Games Corner – The Addams Family, Gameboy

Today we look at a computer game that was based on an iconic Gothic television show family. The Addams Family was released in 1992 and this game was actually a tie-in with the 1991 film of the same name. The game was developed by ocean software and designed by a Brian J Flanagan.

The Adams Family was a single player side-scrolling action game if follows Gomez Addams as he has defined and save his family the game is Loosely based on the film near the end where the attorney Tully Alfred has evicted the family from their home.

Unlike a lot of the games available at this time. You don’t have to play the levels in a particular order instead. You have the ability to choose the order in which you approach them the areas that you can explore include graveyard, Boiler Room, the river, ice box, the attic and cellar. In every area you have to complete the level and fight the boss to rescue a member of the family.

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