Improv Corner – Up The Character Game…

When you create an improvised character on stage, a lot can happen in that moment. A lot of that time is spent trying to play out the scene, however do do you want to advance the character being played on stage or online? Then why not up the challenge level?

In that moment of creating a character on the spot, try push your brain harder by trying to focus on who the character is. Focus on what you are saying and how you are saying it. This may feel like a little thing but paying attention to the small things such as actions and personality of the character makes you come alive on stage.

Audiences understand the Improv is made up on the spot but some of the most amazing improv I have seen really focus on the character. They commit to a character 100% and you can tell that they have focussed on character development.

It is not something that happens overnight focusing on every part of the character is something you need to practice in rehearsals. There is a few things you can do to help you develop a character rehearsal.

+ The walk: Before you walk on stage decide what part of your body is going to lead you allow that to naturally create the personality of your character.

+ A word – listen for words that stands out in the first few months of what you’re going to say think of how you said it and if this is something you can use to naturally create the personality of your character.

+ Animal – In rehearsal get someone to whisper an animal to you and use that as inspiration for the character you use on stage.

It’s an interesting thins character and there are so many different ways you can use it and analyse it. Give these a try and see if they help!

Feature photo: Photo by Gratisography

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