Celebrating Comedy Month With Swipe Right – INTERVIEW – Dating and ‘The Recruiter…’

This month we are celebrating comedy and the act at the forefront is improv act Swipe Right. This year they were meant to be performing their very first Camden Fringe as well as holding their annual Summer Fling extravaganza but due to the pandemic that has been put on hold. So to make up for not being able to perform we decided to interview them to find out all about the act! So we have a huge interview with the troupe going out this month! Today we talk about dating shows, ‘Rosie the recruiter’ and other improv groups.

Hello Can you tell us a little bit about the improv team Swipe Right?

Yes! We’ve been performing together since 2016, around London and thereabouts. We booked our first Camden Fringe this year which was exciting, but then that was cancelled along with most other things, which was obviously rubbish. Still, next year. NEXT YEAR.

How did you guys form?

Rosie and Robin met on a Spontaneity Shop course in 2014, and then the group formed with people who were on the course at the time, some of whom have since drifted away (hey Ben, Katie and Kat!). Rosie met Carly on the Nursery drop-ins when they used to be on Borough High Street (with pints after in the St Christopher’s), then she found Andy when doing Open Roads at Camden Fringe – and that’s who we are at the moment. Rosie’s essentially head of recruitment, when you look back.

How did you come up with the name Swipe Right?

Originally, we wanted to do a dating show so it was related to that, and we’ve since decided that Swipe Right is just another way of signalling over-acceptance which feels very in-tune to the kind of improv we do and with the spirit of improv in general.

What style of Improv do you do?

Pretty grounded, always rooted in relationships, but with a love of escalation into the absurd when it presents itself.

What will make you different to other improv shows out there?

That we’re a different configuration of human beings to those other people, I guess? I don’t know how else to answer aside from that. We like to give a lot of heart, but that’s not unique.

What other improv groups are you a fan of and why?

The Maydays, Austentatious, The Dreaming. Sheer professionalism and wildcard ambition. Rosie was a BIG fan of 3peat.

What advice would you give for people thinking about starting an improv troupe?

Set a night to meet and stick to it. That sounds boring but admin is the bedrock of sustained improv troupes.

You have created a very unique style that you have changed throughout your time as a group to different concepts. Tell us about your latest one with a wheel!

That’s very kind of you, Holly. Well, the wheel of emotion is used by audiences to send the relationship consultants in our full-length show, How To Be Human, onto a deep journey into different human emotions. They spin the wheel, and off we go. There are other bits and bobs to the show as it stands, but that’s the core of it.

What about extra advice for those wanting to focus on an improv style or format they are creating?

If you want to make a show, focus on what you like doing and build a show around that, because a team genuinely enjoying themselves on stage – rather than trying to service an incredibly complicated format because that feels like a mountain you should climb – is always going to be the most fun thing to watch. But if you get delight from incredibly complicated formats, then great! Follow the fun.  

If people want to find out more about you where can they find you on social media?

On Twitter:

On Instagram:

On Facebook:

What are your aims for your troupe for rest of the year?

To get back on stage would be great, so we’ll have to see when that happens. In August we had had plans for an experimental night (Tight Rope), our usual Summer Fling and three nights at the Camden Fringe so that was going to be a big month for us – so, in future, we’ll see what can be done when. All of us have been having a go at online improv but life has rather got in the way, to be honest. We’re looking forward to hopefully putting on a night at the Miller later in the year but everything’s so up in the air it’s hard to plan.

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