Board Game Month – INTERVIEW – The Speed Round

All this month we are celebrating the world of board games with fellow Phoenix Remix writer Board Not Board. All month we are going to talk about board games whilst focussing on different areas.

What piece do you choose to be in Monopoly?

The car. Or the dog.

Monopoly – where is the end and do you complete it?

Ooh that’s a good question. There’s a Junior version of Monopoly that’s actually much more satisfying to play because it forces an end to the game much earlier than the ‘Adult’ one.

Best Named Game?

That’s Pretty Clever.

Favourite prize on a board game?

I am still weirdly excited by the community chests on Monopoly.

A board game you owned that you are embarrassed by?

The Mysteries Of Old Peking, the forerunner to Cluedo Mysteries.

What was the board game you desperately wanted to play as a kid?

Anything that involved technology. Atmosfear, probably?

UNO – In your opinion  – Can +2s go on +4 ?


Cluedo – Who dunnit and where?

When I was a child it always seemed to be Colonel Mustard, or Professor Plum.

Which board game most reflects your personality?

Hmm. The first that comes to mind is High Society.

Game board with the prettiest design?


Game counters that are the most unique?


The best game to play with all the family?

Uno’s great for everyone because it’s so easy to understand.

Do you have to win games?

No. This is also why cooperative games are nice.

Are you a sore loser?

It depends how the winners behave and if I have never, ever, won that particular game.

Most boring game?

Monopoly, but only in its grinding stage. I still quite like the bit when you’re buying stuff, because it feels like world building.

Most hilarious game?


Board Games with CDS or DVD additions – fun or a nightmare?

I feel like they can date more easily than the game itself. But I’m all in favour of anything that adds atmosphere.

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