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The Travel Book – The Travel Photos Pt.3

I love to travel but one thing I adore also is taking photos. Yes, I am that person who takes photos and videos at concerts – I have no shame because I know that I will watch those videos again. The other day I watched videos I recorded at a gig from 2011. I love having visual memories around me and when I go travelling I take a lot of photos.

I don’t just keep digital copies, I choose my favourites and get them printed. I have them scrapbooked and a handful of them I have on my walls. Over the next few weeks I am going to take you through my travel photos I have around my room and what they mean to me. In up and coming versions of this article I will look at some of my scrapbooks as well.

This week we will look at more photos of adventures

Chicago Zoo

This photo was taken at the zoo in Chicago. I love bears and it was amazing to see them and I would love to see them in the wild but that will happen one day. These were animals that was saved and being looked after in a much safer environment grizzly bears are phenomenal creatures and every time I see them it makes me smile. This photo reminds me to always try and chill like this bear.

Chicago at night

I know there is a lot of Chicago photos but like I said, I’m addicted to this city and it takes some amazing photos and loved the architecture and the photo that of this one particularly. I’d or this one because of the way the light reflects the dark and makes me happier think of better times.

Sint Maarten

Back in 2013 we went on a cruise to the Caribbean and I have never seen the sea as blue in st. Maarten. We traveled with the island by rib boat and stop to this beach to have a swim. This photo was taken from the boat and always makes me happy as I remember the warmth of the see the Heat and trying to get back into the boat as he was quite hard.

New York City

I know this isn’t the best photo of of the view of New York City, but I love this photo when I went up to the Rockefeller it was cloudy and not the greatest weather which was a shame, but I still wanted to go up. I have seen NYC above from the Empire State before but this was my first time from the Rockefeller and first time going somewhere. This by myself may be a bit off center the photo and it may be cloudy the skyline adore this way to it shows the vastness of Central Park. It also reminds me that that day. I went to Rockefeller Center. I also walked around three-quarters of the park and hell of a lot of miles than we’ve been absolutely shattered.

Carthage, Tunisia

I found exploring parts of Tunisia fascinating and Carthage was really interesting and I love walking around it felt like history was alive and it is an experience. I won’t forget especially for the view you had the Atlas Mountains in the background. I really like it the purpose and brightness of the structure brings back the memories of the trip.

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