Improv Corner – BOARD GAMES MONTH – Trivial Pursuit

All this month we are looking at how board games can help us with exercises or development with our improv every week. We will be looking at the game that we talked about on Sundays and reflecting on it in Improv Corner on Monday evenings to see just what you can do with these and transfer the skills learned in these games into Improv skills.

This week we looked at the board game Trivia Pursuit I have spent a lot of time wondering how Trivia Pursuit could actually reflect and work with Improv. I thought out of all the board game this would be the easiest one to think about but in some ways it is actually the hardest. However, when I sat down and thought about it, I thought I would approach this one in a different way.

I sat down and really thought about the ideology of the game and whilst in a theatrical spec you couldn’t really use it as an exercise in improv. You could potentially make a show out of it, but I’m not here to tell you about that instead I was thinking what could Trivial Pursuit bring to improv?

How To Incorporate It Into Improv?

To me there is one thing that really stands out and that is the ideology that you play the game focusing on topics and it’s all about the fact that you have to answer each topic correctly to move on and win. I think in some ways this could be used as an exercise in improv because you could create a so to speak pie in rehearsals with different topics in each section but instead of having to answer questions, you have different suggestions around these themes.

For example, you have some about history some that relevant entertainment others are relevant to support and then use those topics to create improv scenes. It would be a great way to get used to playing scenes with these suggestions. Also if you want to incorporate the game you could make it in rehearsal that you have to fill the pie. But doing by each member of the scene Hammer to complete a scene with each of these topics. It may be a silly idea, but it can make rehearses more fun different

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