In The Games Corner – BOARD GAME MONTH – Disney Trivia Pursuit

It is a game that is one of the biggest board games. Growing up we had a few different versions with Disney being my favourite. Before we get to that particular version, let’s have a look at the brief history of Trivia Pursuit first.

Trivia Pursuit was created in Montreal Canada in 1979. The creation of the game happened when Chris Haney and Scott Abbott couldn’t find a scrabble piece so they created their own game. The game was officially released in 1987.

The aim of the game is to get six different segments of different colors to fill your playing piece (which I always used to think of it as a pie tray filling it with lots of different flavours). In the classic version the categories are geography (blue), entertainment (pink), history (yellow), Art and leisure (brown) and Sport and Leisure (orange). You move around the circular board by throwing a die.

Now let’s talk Disney – I loved this version. Firstly because I love animation, secondly because it’s interesting to find out answers about behind the scenes and thirdly as a kid it was way more fun. I can’t remember the exact version I had but I go with what i think is correct.

The categories of the game were different to the original. The topics were Once Upon a Time, Wonderful World of Disney, Monsters and Villains, Heroes and Heroines, Supporting Stars and Places and Props. The squares on the board is full of different pictures of different Disney films and they have a line around the border which represents the colour of the category.

I liked this game as it was good fun. Even the original pursuit was good fun as well. I still have our three versions (the original, Disney and Millennium edition) and hope to play them in the future again at some point.

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