In Depth Album Review

Off The Record – ALBUM FOCUS – Resonate, Lettuce

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first!  Today we look at the latest album by Lettuce – Resonate



This is the opening track on the album and it has a very smooth feel about it as it intertwines brass instruments with a jolly bassline. It is a song that feels like summer is made for. It is a a very easy song to listen to and usually when there is the word jazz attached to a band it is something that makes you worry you will not like it but this song is fun and a great listen. The funky bassline feels like it is welcoming you into the world of Lettuce and preparing you for what is about to come next. Part of the way through there is a clap style beat that sort of breaks the song into two and creates a really interesting section to the song. You just want to listen to it over and over to hear just what instrument is playing what.


Checker Wrecker feat Jungle Boogie and Big Tony

When songs appear to be really long you worry that they are going to be well, boring after a while to listen to. This is not the case with Lettuce their long songs are some of the best on the album as they may have elements of the same rhyth, the whole way through but they mix it up enough to make them different and exciting to listen to. This song follows the same lines of feeling smooth but has a really exotic drum beat that heightens this song to a whole new level! There are a few words spoken in this track which really work and bring the whole piece together.



Moksha feat Indrajit Banjerjee

This song is completely different to any other track on the album which makes it one of the most interesting. If you want an example as to how Lettuce break down genres and blend them into something new then this is the track you need to listen to. At the beginning of the song is is really mellow and the songs builds gradually which creates this really powerful impact when the beat drops. Listen to this track to really see why this band are Grammy nominees.



This is the last track on the album and the one I find the most surreal. It has a really interesting opening that reminds me of a mix of popcorn and raindrops in the jungle. This is sort of a song that feels like a sensory one you really have to focus and listen on it to really appreciate the levels and depth of complex formation of this song. Whilst this song is not for everyone it is something you should listen to just to hear this progression. Even though the style of the songs isn’t your typical jazz you can hear the way that they have corp-orated the elements of this genre to create something truly unique.

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