Board Game Month – INTERVIEW – How We Can Develop Improv From Board Games

All this month we are celebrating the world of board games with fellow Phoenix Remix writer Board Not Board. All month we are going to talk about board games whilst focussing on different areas.

Why do you think they are good for those who do improv?

I think cooperative board games are great for that sort of thing. There’s an app version of a game called Space Team in which it seems like everyone has to shout at once to successfully play – but actually it’s about listening and giving each other space, so there’s always lessons you can pull out of them if you want, just like the crossover between improv and any other sphere in life.

What games so far have you played that you would recommend to improvisers?

Space Team, Sherlock, The Mind, would be the top three that occur.


Space Team for listening, Sherlock for character and story, The Mind for connection.

If you had to make an improv based board game what would it be called?

Next. (As in that’s the title, not next question.)

What would the pieces be that you play around the board with – what shape would they be?

Abstract pieces that represent elements in a scene – who/what/where, confessions and accusations, etc. (There’s an improv book called Pirate Robot Ninja which would lend itself quite well to this, I think.)

What would the objective of the game be?

To create a great show with layers.

How would you win?


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