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The Travel Book – Things I Miss About Travel

The UK is slowly coming out of lockdown whilst still trying to fight Coronavirus. Even with the percentage of daily deaths slowly decreasing it does mean that it is still going to be a while until normality happens again when it comes to travelling abroad. Our other travel writer Paul is lucky to live in New Zealand where they have fought Covid meaning he is able to go ahead with his travel adventures (which you read about up and coming weeks). In the UK we are nowhere near that normality but I do miss travelling and here are things I miss and hopefully we be able to do again in the future.

The airport and the check in – When we go abroad we always go really early in the morning and there is nothing better then going to the airport when it’s just waking up. The excitement, the checking in, having breakfast, boarding etc – I love it all. It is the fact you are getting ready to see a new country which makes it fun even if you are shattered from waking up at 3 or 4 am.

The Lift Off – Waiting for your plane to depart is the most exciting part of the whole trip. I like taking off and looking out of the window and watching the world below you go so small and disappear under the clouds.

Exploring a new city and getting lost – I love visiting new areas and getting lost in the streets and finding a new place. It is always fun getting to know a new place and getting used to moving around the city you can also finding some exciting surprises.

Trying to talk the language – Whenever we go somewhere new we always like to learn the language to be polite to the locals and respect the area. Also it is really fun to try and talk the new language as well.

Spontaneous Activity planning – Whilst a lot of planning goes into our trips, we do also leave gaps for us to do something spontaneous. I love planning on the go – it means you can come across something you never knew about until you got there.

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