Improv Corner – Do You REALLY Need That object there?

Everyone loves scene-work – it is what brings an improv scene to life! Painting a picture with your mind and the audiences imagination brings you all into this fantastic theatre bubble where you are creating this world right before your very eyes. As improvisers, when we are given a location or a profession we can easily go straight into a scene with an object to give the idea that we are in the location. However, you don’t have to do that to create impact on a scene.

Sometimes a really effective way to create a scene is by slowly interacting with it, instead of walking onto stage with an object, paint a scene. Allow you and your scene partner to interact with a ‘room’ you create and take objects from that.

For example – you are given the suggestion of two people in an office, specifically in a scene it is common for someone to come in with a booklet or papers or even a mug with them as they enter a scene. Well, instead of that why not ‘interact’ with your new worlds environment and pick up or find the papers / cup etc in this new world. Think of the drama / engagement you can bring to the audience and the players.

Whilst it’s perfectly acceptable to bring objects onto the stage, just think of the narrative and the way you can bring the scene to life finding a way using it on stage. It widens your imagination world and allows the audience in.

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